Probably in much the same way as you choose your other advisers such as Accountants or Solicitors.  Of course you can transact your accountancy, legal or insurance matters without using professional advisers –

  • Is the Insurance Broker experienced in the type of insurance you are seeking? You can ask us about self catering insurance but not about insuring your North Sea oil rig !
  • Are you speaking to somebody who is professionally qualified in insurance ? It continues to amaze us as to the level of advice we come across from “competitors” who seem clueless concerning the correct type of policy to offer their clients.
  • Will there be a separate charge – possible an administration or policy fee – made by the Insurance Broker ? What is it for, how much is it and why is it being made ?
  • Who handles your claim ? When you report claims directly to the Insurer you are missing out on free-of-charge experience, skills and advice.  We can save the client from being given incorrect information regarding the policy cover by the Insurer.
  • The Regulator (FCA) allows “advised” and “non-advised” handling of insurance. What is the point of “non-advised” ?

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