Some hints and tips for things to look out for when searching for this type of insurance cover.

Locks & Bolts

Our unique scheme has no minimum standard for locks and bolts – whatever security you have is good and we will not ask for details.  The reason for this is that the cover in our scheme does not provide for thief attractive goods [e.g., valuables, personal possessions and clothing] because you wouldn’t leave any of these in the property, plus theft without a break-in, e.g. by the holidaymaker, is included.

Intruder Alarms

These are not necessary in our scheme so there is no need to go to the expense of installation or annual maintenance charges.  It would also be pointless in having an alarm as you would have to instruct guests about setting it and relying on them to maintain your insurance cover for theft.

Key Safes

Always a good idea but your insurance cover is not compromised if they are not installed – very sensible to ensure the access code is changed regularly.


In the unlikely event that you have sprinklers installed in your self catering property please make sure that any policy you consider has cover for damage through accidental discharge.

Leak Detection Devices

This is another good idea – at the moment Insurers are trialling the benefits and it is probable that discounts and / or reduced excesses will be available in due course.  It is likely however, that these style of devices will require some form of regular maintenance and certification if the benefits are to be forth coming.

Remotely Controlled Central Heating

These will help you comply with the winter heating requirements when your property is unoccupied but will also require certificated maintenance.

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