What do trees have to do with insurance ??

They can be the source of many different types of claim so it may be useful to know what should be covered by your policy.

Trees can fall on your property and cause damage at any time not just when they are old and had enough or when the weather conditions are such that the tree has no chance of remaining upright.  Falling trees, whether yours or your neighbours, are covered for the damage they cause to your property and any subsequent loss of income.

What happens if a tree falls and damages a car belonging to a guest ??  Just because it happens does not make you negligent or responsible – the question is “why did the tree fall ??”.  Where severe weather conditions caused the tree to fall, it is unlikely that you are at fault.  However, if you have never checked your trees and the next gentle puff of wind knocks one over, it is possible that you may be considered negligent.  Don’t worry as your public liability insurance will pay the claim for damage to your guest’s car if you are considered negligent.

In general terms, the advice to your guest should be to claim on their own vehicle insurance and if their insurer feels that you are likely to be negligent, they will ask for reimbursement – at this point pass all the correspondence to us and we will deal with everything on your behalf.

Roots of tree can cause subsidence to your property as they seek water, especially in very dry periods.  Where your tree roots cause damage to your neighbour’s property you can be considered negligent, so as with the falling trees a claim can be made on your public liability insurance.

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