What ?  In my lovely property ?  Bed bugs ?  How did that happen ?

Bed bugs are nasty little pests that can cause your guests considerable discomfort and a spoiled holiday.  You may well find that the booking is cut short, and you would be obliged to tell your next set of holidaymakers that they will be sharing the accommodation with these unexpected and unwelcome visitors.

You will be losing money whilst you report the situation to the local Environmental Health department, who in turn will probably tell you to stop letting your property (you will probably have already ceased providing accommodation knowing that you have this problem).  Plus you will incur the costs of eradicating these pests.

An insurance claim can be made for both the loss of income and the extermination costs as cover is automatically provided as part of a specialist self catering policy.  Our Insurers paid over £18000 for a loss of income claim in Edinburgh in August 2017 – fortunately claims of this type are rare and less costly.

Bed bugs are usually brought into your property on a guest’s clothes or in their luggage.  They can remain dormant and unseen (as they are very small, only starting to cause trouble when the property is warm and dark.  This is why most infestations are only noticed when the holidaymaker is trying for a good night’s sleep.

Bed bug detectors are available for about £20 each but it is not known if they are effective.

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