Unoccupied Property Insurance

Empty house insurance

Whilst most domestic home insurances will provide full cover for a specific, usually short, time period for unoccupied property, extending this time period with sufficient cover can be difficult and expensive. We recommend that our clients look at the advantages of empty house insurance for their properties in Dorset, Devon, Hampshire and throughout the UK. Although your house may be empty damage can still be caused by forced entry, flooding or severe weather conditions.

Whenever a building is undergoing structural work and is unoccupied, it is likely your insurer will severely restrict the terms of a normal household policy. Unoccupied home insurance provides the cover you need to protect your home while it is unoccupied for long periods of time.

Are you responsible for a property that is no longer lived in because of death or a long stay in hospital? Are you leaving your property empty while you go travelling or work abroad? Make sure you take out unoccupied house insurance to protect yours and your loved one’s property.

If you wish to have cover for escape of water, storm, vandalism and so on, a specialist unoccupied property insurance is needed. Our team offer expert insurance advice. Contact them today for a free quotation.

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